Bilz Thermogrip Catalog


The ThermoGrip® tool holding system uses an inductive heating concept to provide stronger, more-concentric tool clamping. This leads to increased tool life, better surface finishes and improved cost efficiency. Our offering covers machines, holders (including heavy duty), extensions, collets and accessories—everything you need to maximize profits!

Tapping Catalog


Bilz tapping systems are used worldwide across a broad variety of machines in a multitude of applications. Bilz’s success is due to a continual process of development, constantly improving existing product lines and introducing innovative new products. Bilz created a de-facto tapping standard with the quick-change tapping systems in 1950. Any threaded hole in any automobile manufactured today can be machined with a Bilz tapping holder. Many actually ARE machined with Bilz holders.

2013 CNC Catalog

Bilz CNC Products and Accessories

Bilz CNC holder products are made to the highest industry standards. The quality of our shank tapers and tool clamping systems are among the best in the industry. Whether it is BT, CAT, or HSK - Bilz has the tool shank and tool style to support your daily production needs with high performance tool clamping products ranging from End mill holders to Hi-Power Milling chucks with collet chucks in between. Included in this catalog are the Diebold Gauging Products to help you maintain your spindle taper accuracy, alignment, and tool shank clamping pressure.

Bilz Catalog

CAT40 Tooling Catalog

The Bilz CAT40 Tooling Catalog combines all CAT40 taper tooling that Bilz Tool USA offers. CNC holders, Tapping Products, ThermoGrip Shrink fit, Diebold CentroGrip, and Diebold UltraGrip, as well as the CAT40 accessories you will need to fully support a CAT40 spindle machine with new tooling, or replacement tooling.

Bilz Catalog

Diebold HSK20 Holders

Diebold HSK20 holders - small HSK holders for High RPM and High precison spindles used in electronic, medial, and die/mold applciations.

Bilz Catalog

Diebold Spindle Gauging Products

Diebold Spindle Gauging Products - Gauging products to maintain the accuracy of your spindle tapers. Pull Force Gauges to measure and drawbar pressure to help you maintain proper tool holder grip internal to the spindle as well as proper taper contact with machine taper. Test Arbors for proper spindle and machine alignment. this will allow you to maintain proper "centeline" alignment bewteen spindle, tool holder assembly, and work piece for accurate tool point location, accuracy machining tolerances, and minimize wear and tear of spindle bearings due to misalignment and excessive cutting tool forces.

Bilz Catalog

Diebold High Precision Collet Chuck - CentroGrip

Diebold High Precision Collet Chuck - High Accuracy collet system for high precision machining applications. CentroGrip combines the flexibility of a collet system with an accuracy that is approaching shrink fit technology.

Bilz Catalog

Diebold Tool Presetter

Diebold Tool Presetter - Reduce machine spindle down time by presetting your tools off the machine and reducing setup time with accurate tool diameter and tool gage length measurements.


Bilz gnck


The GNCK tapping attachment eliminates the need for changes in spindle direction while tapping. The electrical power savings alone can pay for the tool within one year. Additionally, this allows constantly for much higher cutting speeds and leads to significantly shorter cycle times. The modular design provides maximum flexibility; GNCK can be used on machining centers with tool changers and on special-purpose machines.

Bilz milling_chucks

High Power Milling Chucks

High Power Milling Chucks provide incredible clamping power compared to collet chuck holders and other chuck designs. Higher clamping force ensures a stronger, more rigid tool which in turn delivers improved tool life and better surface finishes. Sealed mechanism of the clamping nut keeps out dust and coolant.

Bilz mql_system

MQL System

Instead of flushing your cutting tool with a large volume of coolant, with Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) technology you just need a few ounces of lubricant per hour for each spindle, representing significant cost savings. Operations which once required 1,000’s of gallons of coolant in circulation, can remove the traditional coolant and filtration systems altogether. You’ll spend far less on coolant, nothing on coolant maintenance, or coolant disposal, while also improving work environment and safety.

Bilz Synchro Chuck

Synchro Chuck

Synchro Chuck tapping systems deliver unmatched improvements in tool life, and thread quality. By eliminating synchronization errors, they reduce the potential for tool breakage and also reduce wear on the tap. Low-wear operation means fewer tool changes and longer tool life.

Bilz ThermoGrip


The ThermoGrip™ tool holding system uses an inductive heating concept to provide stronger, more-concentric tool clamping. This leads to increased tool life, better surface finishes and improved cost efficiency. Our offering covers machines, holders, extensions, ER-style shrink collets (TER) and accessories in various styles and sizes — everything you need to maximize profits!

Bilz CNC Tool Holders

CNC Tool Holders

Our CNC Tool Holder line covers all industry-standard sizes and configurations for collet chucks, end mill holders, shell mill holders and face mill holders. Each product represents the latest technology and reflects our commitment to continual improvement and tool holder innovation.

Bilz Jet Sleeve

Jet Sleeve™ Coolant Sytem

Jet Sleeve™ offers an innovative coolant system which supplies coolant directly to the cutting edge. This design prevents chips from building up under the cutting edge. As a result, tool life is greatly increased and you’ll also benefit from improved surface finish. You can also reduce the cost for air and coolant usage by up to 80%.

Bilz Slim ThermoGrip Holders

Slim Design ThermoGrip™ Holders

Slim Design Tool Holders utilize our ThermoGrip™ technology and the JetSleeve direct coolant design. Our "slim" holders were developed specifically for the Die & Mold industry, but they also fit aerospace applications and other industries as well. Like all BILZ tools, they maintain precision and productivity—even at extended lengths over a full range of sizes.

Bilz Speciality Holding Systems

Speciality Holding Systems

Our Specialty Holders include a unique set of products that offer cost-effective capabilities you won’t find anywhere else. From our FormBore System to the STF Stamping Chuck, BILZ remains a leader in the design of specialty tool holding systems that improve your manufacturing efficiency.