New Products

Bilz ISG1200 machine

ThermoGrip ISG1200 shrink fit unit

The new ThermoGrip ISG1200 shrink fit unit is a very energy efficient entry level machine with a barcode reader installed - the easy way to set heating parameters with just the scan of a barcode.

Bilz ThermoGrip height setting disks

Bilz ThermoGrip® height setting disks

The new height setting disks allow for quick and accurately repeatable length setting on all shrink fit tooling: prepare your cutter with the clip-on disk, adjust the length with a caliper, then just drop it into the shrink fit holder after the old cutter is removed. This can be done in the same cycle - saving time.

Bilz Nano Synchro chucks

Nano Synchro Chucks

The new Nano Synchro chucks have an extremely short gauge length, the overall length is just 80mm. The most diminutive threads can now be cut successfully, with the Nano Synchro chuck you will increase your process reliability and the output of well-threaded parts.

Bilz TMG ThermoGrip tooling

TMG - ThermoGrip Multigrip chucks

The new TMG shrink fit chucks allow for maximum clamping forces. One base holder accepts collets to maximize the shrink clamp force and eliminate the uncertainty of the shank tolerances on the cutter.

Bilz Bionics ThermoGrip tooling

Bionics - ThermoGrip chucks

The new Bionics shrink fit chucks allow a new way to clamp tooling with improved vibration characteristics. From extremely short tools to longer reach - the new chucks make your machining processes more efficient.

Bilz TER

TER - ThermoGrip shrink fit collets

The TER shrink fit collets offer ridgid and strong holding power for angle heads or live tooling. Swiss turning machines benefit greatly from higher gripping forces and better runout accuracy - improve the productivity by up to 300%, and be able to hold extended length cutters that would not last in spring collets.