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The new performance class of MQL compliant clamping systems.
Lubricant from the very first moment – loss-free!

MQL overview image

MMS and Clamping Tools

Only the smallest amounts of lubrication are used in connection with MQL clamping tools. The application focuses on correct delivery of coolant to the cutting edge without any drop in pressure. The MQL compliant clamping tool plays a decisive role as part of the MQL delivery system. MQL stands out due to an enormously reduced consumption of lubricants.

There are two basic challenges for the clamping tool:

  1. Optimized leak-proofing for a leak-free aerosol stream with no fine mist of aerosol droplets, and condensation in the clamping chuck.
  2. Lubrication delivery from the very first moment for a flawless aerosol flow without any drop in pressure to the cutting edge.

The new MQL generation from Bilz fully meets these requirements.

Optimized leak-proofing is unique to Bilz MQL clamping tools.