Bilz Tool Co. USA Release New TER - ThermoGrip ER Collet System

Friday, May 1, 2015

TER – ThermoGrip ER Collet by Bilz




TER Shrink Collet—a leap forward in performance

A perfect fit - with TER

With the development of the patented TER shrink collet, we have been able to revolutionize the use of collets and collet chucks in the production process. TER ThermoGrip collets have solid bodies, unlike common, slotted ER style collets, and are not deformed or compressed when clamping. This assures tool Runout of less than 3 microns. The cutting tool is held more rigidly than with standard ER slotted collets and tool length is preset prior to assembly in the collet chuck When machining tough materials like titanium, the cutting tool performance is significantly improved and cutting tool life will increase.

Using TER means profiting from the four main advantages of collet shrinking.

• Run-out < 3 micron
• maximum holding forces 
• rigidity 
• low-wear monoblock properties


This is accomplished while using your existing collet chucks or spindles.
The short and extremely stable tool clamping with TER achieves a run-out of < 3 micron. Tool life is considerably improved due to the precise guidance of the tool and the ultra-precise change accuracy means that your length adjustment is maintained even after many cycles - with optimum results.


The problem of time consuming tool change in Swiss style machines and Live tools when holding a cutting tool in a flexible collet is very common. Whether it is the tight tool locations in most Swiss style machining centers or the disassembly and reassembly of cutting tool, collet, and collet nut on live tools, down-time is extensive and costly for many of these ER collet applications. This non-productive downtime impacts your operating costs and increases your part cost whether making short-run or long-run parts. The TER ThermoGrip shrink fit collet can be used for all ER live tools and ER straight shank holders in Swiss style machines. During the shrink fit process the cutting tool can be preset to your required tool length in the collet. All this happens outside the machine, while the machine continues to make parts. A tool change only takes seconds and the machine will be back up and operating in a few short minutes because the collet and cutting tool area single assembly now and set back into the machine in the same tool location and gage length as the previous tool assembly was. No concern about over torquing of the collet nut. No concern with tool point location moving during tool change. No tool offsets and “trail part” runs to insure part dimensional accuracy. All of the setup and tool change time reduction will reduce the machining cost dramatically.


Using the Bilz TER shrink fit collet and ThermoGrip system gives you the advantage of being able to precisely adjust the length of the cutting tool in the collet during the shrink fit process.  ROI for the investment in TER shrink fit collets and ThermoGrip machine will take less than one year and can occur as quickly as 3 months. Available in ER16, ER20, ER25, and ER32 collet sizes with inch and metric bore sizes.

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