Diebold CentroGrip Tool Holder Technology

Monday, June 1, 2015

Diebold CentroGrip®



Bilz Tool Co. USA is proud to introduce a new Diebold product called CentroGrip®. This unique product combines the best possible cutting tool run-out (TIR) with maximum flexibility. This ultra high precision collet system is the right product for small to medium volume metalworking manufacturing operations. CentroGrip® provides maximum tool accuracy with excellent collet interchangeability.


Accuracy does not have to be expensive. The revolutionary CentroGrip® System provides a concentricity tolerance of ≤ 1 micron while providing superb damping of most cutting tool harmonics. The assembled system – toolholder, collet, and cutting tool provides a maximum TIR of ≤ 3 microns for the most accurate collet chuck system on the market today.


 Combining cutting tool accuracy (TIR), toolholder system flexibility, and high clamping forces makes this product the right toolholder for most high precision applications in the Medical, Aerospace, and Die/Mold industries. These holders are all balanced with G2.5 accuracy and are available in CAT, BT, and HSK tool tapers.


Conclusion: If you are frustrated with the lack of radial forces that hydraulic chucks can bear, the lack of TIR accuracy that ER and TG collet systems offer, and cannot get the long-term performance from other high-precision pressed-in collet systems, then the CentroGrip ® is the right system for your shop and your applications.