New ThermoGrip Catalog available

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bilz Tool Inc. USA releases new ThermoGrip Products catalog


Bilz Tool Inc. USA is proud to announce the release of our new ThermoGrip Shrink Fit Technology catalog. For nearly 15 years, Bilz has been pioneering the shrink fit technology with tool clamping design and thermal machine development. This new 2013 ThermoGrip Products catalog offers the largest shrink fit product offering of any tool manufacturer. It also offers the latest technology in ThermoGrip machines with the new ISG3400 series machines including the ISG3400TWK-WS table top water-cooled model which has won awards inEuropefor design and functionality.


This new catalog features an expanded shrink fit product offer both in bore sizes and machine tapers available. More inch standard bores and more ANIS standard machine tapers.

It also included the newly launched:


  • TER – ER ThermoGrip collet system for ER collet chucks, ER driven tools, and ER spindles.
  • JetSleeve coolant-fed ThermoGrip holder system allow coolant to the cutting tool edge more accurately than any other system on the market
  • ThermoGrip SlimLine holder TSF system for the narrow nose and long reaches need in the die/mold manufacturing, medical parts manufacturing, and many 5-axis applications were close piece part/cutting tool clearance is required.
  • ThermoGrip extension – straight shank tools that can be inserted into ThermoGrip holders for added cutting tool reach.
  • More machine tool tapers available – CAT40 and CAT50, BT30 and BT40, HSK32 – HSK125, and CAPTO “C” series tapers
  • ThermoGrip THD system for that added tool grip strength needed when larger diameter roughing cutters are used in heavy metal removal rates applications.


Request your printed copy today at Bilz Tool USA or login at and download a digital copy.



The all new ThermoGrip catalog with shrinkfit tooling and new machines is ready for release - please download it here.